Going Home!

Dolly is in foster care in Upstate New York

Dolly recently travelled North from West Virginia. Here is what she told us:

About 4 years ago I was born in a remote part of WV. My owners called me Nugget. They had a few of us, and when I was still a pup myself I had my first litter, and another litter every couple of months. My pups  were sold at a very young age, guess that is why they called me "Nugget". Then, earlier this year, my hair fell out and I had a terrible itch all over my body. I had mange. My eyes hurt and were shut closed from an infection. I was a mess. My owners dumped me at the shelter. Carrie saved me and took me to her vet. Even he thought that maybe the kindest thing would be to put me out of my misery. But Carrie and her little girl made up their mind to save me. They did. My coat has grown back. My eyes are no longer infected, but the damage has been so severe that my vision is rather dim. However I have excellent hearing and get around very well once I have become familiar with the ins and outs of my surroundings, and the furniture in the different rooms. When I hear anything that sounds remotely like "Nugget", my short tail , or rather my entire butt. wags furiously and I come flying. I know I look really sad , like I have had it, in these photos, But that is mostly due to the furry folds on my forehead, seems like my coat was designed one size too big for my body. Makes me look older,too, and everybody feels sorry for me. But I have left hell behind me and I am really a happy dog now! Life is good. I can roll in the grass, and snuggle on the carpet. I even have the run of this place here!   I  love other dogs, and they can eat my food from right under my nose when nobody is watching. 

But what I really need is a home of my own. Quiet , so I can easily find my way around.



Please click here to send an adoption application

The adoption fee is 300 Dollars which covers vet expenses and rescue expenses.