They are calling me DOLLY, because I am such a doll.  Yes, I could get used to a life of lounging on soft pillows and follwing my owner around the house and take a few walks every day.  But that is not the way my life has been in my first year. I was an "incidental" dog, from an "accidental " litter More likely than not most of my brothers and sisters are not alive. Just so many of us in the South.  Although I am only a year old, I,too had pups. I don't know what happened to them, I am afraid nothing good it was.  I am just a "brown mixed breed" - as I was called at the Animal Control pound. Yes, I was impounded, a stray. But what really happened probably : my "owners'  got rid of me after I had a litter of pups. Too much trouble to have a dog spayed, cheaper birth control is to take her to the pound, say she was a stray around the house, and then not even think about how the end in the gas chamber will be. 
 I weigh 17 lbs. I have ears big enough to fly from Ga to NJ, as long as the wind is opportune. I have already been vet checked, fixed,vaccinated and all. And am looking for my forever home.  Since I love to be outdoors besides settling on a soft dog bed or couch, I am pretty much house trained.  I even like sleeping in a crate. I love other dogs.  And I am rarely ever heard, as a matter of fact I don't even think they would know what my bark sounds like. I might just be a bark-less dog.


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PS I hear I might be  at least part Basenji - wassat?