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ADOPTED! Schatzie.


Dolly is in foster care in Upstate New York

I am now called Dolly!  Because I look like a doll, but a doll with LOADS of personality. Was a humble stray in a remote NC animal control pound, until a kind rescuer saw me huddled and saved me from death in a gas chamber. 

What breed?  They called me a "white mix" - but actually my coat is  cream/tan silky, not short and not long and does not need trimming, just an occasional brushing out. I probably have a cocker spaniel in my family. Weigh about 25 lbs.

Here in my fosterhome I am the best behaved dog right now!  I quietly curl up in a corner or on a blanket. Because I am neat and house trained, most of the time I am allowed to just walk around free in the house, although I do not mind sleeping in my crate.

Other dogs? Sometimes I chase the big guys around, and  play, play,play with them until we all drop.

I am ready to move on now, I am looking for a position as loyal family pet, a home where I can stay for a long time!

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