I am called "Dolly" - and mostly I am a doll of a dog,  well behaved and taking my cues.  But then at other times, especially lately in a few feet of snow, my inner dog takes over: I race so fast that even a big dog cannot catch me. And that while I am technically a Tripod. I am missing my left front paw. But while this leg does not serve a purpose in locomotion, it does help with balancing and manoevering. Don't remember how I lost that foot, I suspect I might have been born without it. My leg does not bother at all and is not sensitive to touch.

Talking about being born, that happened in South Carolina, about a year ago.  I ended up in a shelter late last year, very shy. Happily I got a ride up North, and now I am in this here foster home.  When I first came here I was still quite shy, a little like a clown, putting on a happy face, but scared. Now that only happens when I meet a stranger, especially if it is out doors.

What breed? They thought at the shelter I might be a Border Collie/Spaniel mix. I am small, about 20 lbs. Lots of freckles. 

I finally got that "fix" -and I had all my vaccinations and "no heartworm". So now I can have my cyberspace debut! Should you see me and feel that chemistry, then please send an application, so we can meet and see if we click!


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This was back in fall when I first came here from South Carolina





At the shelter in South Carolina