When I first came to this here foster home, I was very cautious, or actually I was just really scared. After all, a lot had changed in a very short time:

I ended up near a busy North Carolina highway, tied to a tree. What were they thinking to leave me at the side of the highway...

A kind person stopped and rescued me and took me to a shelter. From there another kind person took me to a kennel. Then I traveled North across 6 states until I arrived at this here foster home. 

When I first came here, I was cautiously happy, but reserved, moving around slowly.  Only when playing with other dogs, I was really  happy.  Now I am more confident and relaxed and dance a lot. I am on a fast track to learn not to countersurf, even though it is nearly irresistible.

I am  a  true "social butterfly" when it comes to other dogs and people. Not a mean bone in me.  Of course, that is to be expected in a hound. We are the ultimate family dogs.

I don't know what kind of hound I am, maybe a mini hound or a beagle mix. Because I only weigh 25 lbs. Delicate, dainty. Fully grown, about 2 years old. Of course had the fix, and have no heartworms. Do I bay, or howl? Nah, I bark like any dog here, just a little more melodious, I sing. Not much, I am a quiet dog. You hear me only at feeding time!

In summary: I am a little hound, quite humble and no trouble at all.

Please keep me in mind, maybe I am the kind of dog you have been looking for!

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These 3 photos were taken when I first came here.