Zack in the park after a hike.

Happy days are here again!


Duffy here! Good with kids. Kid allergic.That is why I ended up in a big shelter. Waited and waited. Finally they made some calls, and I left the shelter on my own feet! Thank you,shelter management!  First I got a haircut, all had to come off. Then a bath, and now I hear I am PERFECT. The perfect dog. That is an earful, but might just be: I am medium, so not too small, not too big, about 35 lbs. Anybody could pick me up if it had to be. Then I am very well behaved, don't pull on my leash,sit, give paw (very endearing to humans for some reason). Am housebroken. Already fixed if you have to ask. Wheaten terrier personality, real nice guy, so considerate and trying to do the right thing and  please you humans. Never fight with other dogs, not interested in cats.
So far they have not found much bad about me.And I am in my 3rd week, so if I had a dark side it would have made itself known by now. So I may just be the perfect dog. Also, I am NOT a puppy, I am 2  1/2 years old. But still have at least 10 years ahead of me.