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Duncan  is in foster care in Upstate New York

Life has changed so much over the last month, I am now just catching up on all the new events: I almost got killed when my "owner" turned me into a NC pound like a dirty rag -look at the phto a kind rescuer took I think this photo saved my life. From there on life became wonderful. By the time I came to this here fosterhome, I was already a healthy, although raggedy little dog, bouncing around with my buddies, and jumping into people's arms. I am affectionate towards people and funloving/chasing/playful with other dogs. Cats have nothing to fear. What breed? I think I am a mix, some Poodle, some Cocker maybe? Maybe Pekapoo? Why would you really care? My age: young. My health: excellent, I am eating so much now to make up for the hungry times in the past, I was vey skinny. Eventually my coat ill be long again an I will need visits to Groomingdales ever so often if you want to show me off.

I am ready to look for my forever home, so there will be room for another dog like me.... 

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A North Carolina rescuer found him in a shelter, easily missed behind a trashcan.

Severely emaciated under a  matted coat. Because nobody even knew he was here, and not adoptable in his condition, he would undoubtedly have been gassed within a day since he was turned in from a neglectful owner.