Leo the horse. Earl tried to jump up into the saddle.

Earl and Shortie


Going Home - Adopted!

I am keeping  my name "Earl" - I got it at the shelter in  Darlington, South Carolina  where I spent quite some time   before getting a  ride up north to this here foster home in spring.

Not much is known about my past because I came to the shelter as a stray, but it could not have been too checkered.  I am the most reasonable (and smart and clever) dog you can imagine - as long as I get treated like a smart dog. Meaning don't get locked up in a crate  and left out of fun activity -   I  manage to open any crate door other than an extra large one and I can jump most "baby gate"  hurdles  with flair.  Although I still have some some puppy habits and cannot always resist temptation in the form of a soft "thing" like a slipper or sock, I will accept a stern warning and restrain myself from repeating the offense.  'Trainable'  and also I have been told I am 'agility material'. This sounds alarming, but I was told it is a lot of fun for both the owner and the dog. 

I am quite young, a little over a year with teeth white and eyes bright.  But I tested low positive for heartworm at the shelter. Since then I have been getting Ivermectin and in 2 years I should be free of these pesky parasites. Please read about this situation HERE. Please make sure to read all the way to the end! 

I am a small medium size, 28 lbs , very portable and light footed. I am trusted off leash, will listen and come immediately when called.

I love to run and play catch with the other dogs! Herding dog! Still guessing my breed mix: quite a shedder, so maybe a corgi in there? Smaller than a Heeler, but definitely Heeler in there, too.

Now that I am in cyberspace, I am getting used the idea that I might  not stay in this foster home for ever ( and  become a "foster failure").  I hear there is a dog for every dog lover, and a dog lover for every dog,  just a matter of time. (But sadly time is not always on the side of us dogs...)

PS:  Sometimes,  when things are very exciting here like at feeding time,  I cannot help "nipping" an ankle.  I circle the person who dispenses food and try to get attention that way. Does not work though...But it does disqualify me as a full-time dog for little kids -say under 10 years old. Grand kids should be fine at any age.

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