Elsa is 18 months old, but still very much a pup: always on the go and ready for a romp and sprint.  Although nothing is known about her origin,
she seems to be a Greyhound/Pointer mix.
Elsa is resepectful of people, sometimes pushes her luck just a bit by making a detour or two  when being called, but in principle
she is obedient!  She ususally just has to finish 10 laps around the yard before turning herself in.
Elsa was a rescue dog from a large urban shelter where pointers and such rarely find good second chance homes.
She is fully immunized,spayed and a healthy, athletic, fun loving good buddy of a dog. In due time she will be full adult, but because of her breed mix she would do best with an owner who also loves fun physical activity.
Because of her exuberance she would not be suitable for small kids or homes with frail older family members.
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