Emily the Lipizzan Dog


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Good Morning!   Emily preferred to sleep through the night on the floor next to my bed, which made my cat VERY happy as she usually sleeps with me.     You were right on, she had to be awakened at 8:10 this am.  We went to bed about midnight.  She is asleep already, but I will be taking her to the barn today now that she is acclimated to me, and I know she will love all the attention.   But there will be all those "big dogs" to bark at, so we will have a good learning session.  She stops barking at mine after one bark and I say no, so we'll see how she does with LOTS of horses.   I will carry her, of course, no danger of her getting stepped on, so don't worry.  And......... I got my first kiss this morning!!!!!!!!
If only Spring would come!


Wow, she'll be so impressed having her own site.  Feel free to put whatever I have written to you about her on there.   I went to work (it was hard leaving her)...gone from 8:30 to 11:00pm.  I left her free in the house, and she was sound asleep on the throw near my computer chair when I returned home.  I woke her up and we went out to go pee.  She is back to sleep, and I am going to let her sleep on my bed if she wants to when I go to bed in a couple hours.  She can just jump down if she prefers the floor. 
I have brought her out a lot today  and rewarded her for peeing and pooping outside.   I think she is marking her territory outside....but not inside.  What a good girl!!     She is SOOOO smart, Inge.  Already learning not to bark at the horses by me saying No..  I just can't believe it!!!!
I just love her.....


Emily is lying on the floor next to my computer chair on one of the knit throws I brought in the car with me to bring her home.  (See attached!)  On the way home I petted her constantly, and  she laid on her back and showed me her belly on the car seat.  Good thing I made it home without driving into a tree!  When we pulled up and she saw the horses (they are right near the house), she started barking madly....first time I had heard her bark!  Too funny!  We got out of the car on leash and walked all around the house and went to get the mail... she peed about four times and then had a big poop...then a little loose one....nerves, I think.  When we finally went into the house, I took her all around  the downstairs rooms (where I live) on the leash.  She growled at my cat, who is NOT happy.    I told Emily NO, that was not allowed. She stopped.   Then I took her off the leash, and for about a half hour she inspected every inch of the four rooms.  (Found a few crumbs, had a good drink of water.)  Then Bear came downstairs (he eats every day about three) and met her, and he can't resist her already.   I sat at the table with him while he ate and of course Emily sat with us.  When he went back upstairs  (he has the whole upstairs to himself andf only comes down for meals and his shower), she came to me where I had gone to my computer, so I went and got the throw and put it down next to my chair.  She is resting all curled up next to my feet, eyes closed, but I know she is not really sleeping.  She is tired, but still watchful.  I am so glad she has settled down right next to me and is as comfortable as she is to be able to close her eyes.  Of course I can't resist reaching down and petting her, and she rolls over and shows me her belly for rubs when I do.  When I go to work at 8:30 tonight, I will leave her in my bedroom with the door open but with the dog gate blocking the opening.  I'll leave the other throw in there for her.  It will be hard to leave her to go to work!!!
So, I think that this very crucial "phase one" has gone pretty flawlessly. 
Thank you so much!!!!!  She is the best Valentine's Day present I ever received!!!!
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Bye Emily - very brief clip


"Finally she found me!"



In her foster home


At the shelter in Ohio