Fievel had a bath...

I am a Hound? Or a Terrier?  I was a stray, thin. My coat was so frizzy from being out in the rain,  it had to be shaved off. My feet are hound feet. 
Feel much better now, eat like a wolf.  Which  reminds me: they think I look like a Wolfhound Mix.  Sure, every dog wants to be an IWH.  Maybe mixed with a Jack Russel Terrier or another  wired terrier.  Does not matter to me, and maybe if you see me here in cyberspace you don't really want to know either, as long as you like what you see. 
I am a calm dog. love a cozy seat on a couch, and if that is not an option, a nice large soft dog bed. 
I also like to take long strolls outside, and a fence is a good idea if you want me to hang around. I don't like to be in a crate. I do get along with other dogs, as long as they don't try to tell me that they are an alpha dog,  I hate that pack dog scenario. 
They guesstimate my age to be  around 6.  My teeth - if you have to ask - are decent, a little tartar around the edges of my molars. I am in good shape, very iuvenile look, but a mature mind.

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