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It has been a little over a year (last November) since we adopted Filene (we renamed her Maeve) from you and I thought you might like to hear how she is doing.  I think this picture, taken this summer, shows what a happy, healthy dog she is.
We took her on several camping trips this year in our camper van and she has turned out to be an excellent traveler.  Although she is a high energy dog, she is able to adjust to the restrictions of traveling and being kept on a leash.   
Maeve and I joined an obedience club and she does very well in the class.  The only area where she still cannot control herself is standing still to be petted by others-she just cannot keep her paws on the floor.    Her love of people would make her an excellent therapy dog, but, of course, she must learn more impulse control.  We will keep working on it.
I also take Maeve to agility classes, which we both love.  She has progressed to an intermediate level where she is able to follow my directions and pretty much stay on course over a series of up to 10 obstacles.  Again her sociability is her biggest problem.  When she leaves the course it is to greet another dog or person.
Maeve has filled our lives this past year with joy.  She is an enthusiastic, intelligent companion and my husband and I delight in her.  Her love of life is infectious.  Thank you so much for saving her and giving her to us. 


At Home!





Filene  is in foster care in Upstate New York

I would not smile for the camera, so now you might think I am a serious dog. I can put up a good dignified facade, but oh boy, I am a rock n' roll pup when I am not sitting for a photo shoot. Still walking to my own tune when on leash, but I am trying to get the idea of walking the straight walk. I am only a pup, maybe not even a year old. My feet are big so I will probably grow some, I weigh 33 lbs now.

I am a Collie, maybe with Golden Retriever parent. And I am a herding dog. People centered, don't have the roving eye of a hunting dog. Because I am such a vivacious pup I am told I cannot go to a family with kids under 10.  I still am in the habit of embracing everybody I meet and put my paws around their shoulder if I can reach it.  I do really well with my crate training. Housebreaking? Work in progress.

Not much is known about the first few months of my life, because I was a stray and taken to a North Carolina shelter.  But I am not afraid of people and I LOVE other dogs, so I might have been neglected and maybe ignored by people, but not mistreated or abused. 

Have been fixed and all, and while I am training for a straight walk and the house break, I am already looking out for a good home where I can spend the rest of my life.

Please send an  adoption application - please click your mouse HERE - and send it, if you are seriously looking for a silly pup with great potential for a  loyal pet.

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