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Finbar is at the top of his game.  4 years old, healthy. smart, loyal.  He ended up in a city pound, his owner could no longer keep him.
His favorite exercise is "High Jump". When encountering a closed door he would want to open, he propells himself high into the air like a rubber ball, which is a sight when watching him flying up and down a glassdoor. As he found out, this can be a dangerous sport for a dog with a loose collar: his collar got stuck on a door knob, and if it had not been for his buddies raising vocal hell, he might have strangulated himself.
Completely housetrained, does not mind spending time in a crate although he can be trusted with free run of a house.
Loves other dogs, reserved but friendly towards strangers, and very  affectionate with people he knows. Although Finbar's coat grows and needs trimming and brushing, he does have a thick undercoat and sheds and is NOT hypoallergenic like a purebred Wheaten terrier would be.
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