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Foxwell  is in foster care in Upstate New York

I have a new name, to go with a new life: Barnaby Foxwell.

I am a little guy, sturdy short legs, alert ears (who will get a good cleaning!), and a sunny disposition. I was rescued from a NC pound where most of th other dogs sadly died in the gas box, I was one of the few lucky ones. I just travelled for close to 24 hours and was so well behaved all that time that it was unreal  (so I heard, I thought is was just fine, after what the option would have been),

I am calm, not yappi in case you wonder, rarely heard. Feel secure in my crate, and I like most dogs, as long as they are not aggressive towards me, because I am not a pushover.

What breed I am?  Think maybe I have a Shiba Inu and a Corgi relative, anything is possible! 

After a good dogwash I will be ready to look for a forever home! Please send an application so we can meet and go for a stroll along the river. 

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