I have had two names so far, Hansel and Fraidie.
Hansel because I came here with another little terrier, from Ohio.
Her name is Gretel.  She could be my mom.
We were both dumped at a pound and were truly frozen in fear for a while. 
Gretel is a little older and she figured out faster that nobody is out to hurt us or scare us to death. 
So after a while, when she left, my name changed to Fraidie , because I am still afraid of almost anyone I have not met before.
But here I have become more confident, and try hard to be a good dog!  
I love to play with the other terriers, and I LOVE to eat. I will die for a little piece of food, anything edible.
I love to run fast in wide circles, but always come back.  When I meet someone I have never seen before, I am scared. I even "freeze" -and it takes quite some time until I feel I can trust a new person. So please be prepared to spend a long time with me when you come to see me - patience....and chemistry.
I am healthy, heart worm negative, up to snuff on everything.
It took me a while to learn the house break - but now I have figured it out! I also love my crate, and I am keeping that clean.
I am happy in this here foster home.So why do I have to leave?
I am told that I do not have to leave, only if my person finds me, like Gretel's. Then I would have an even better life...
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