Did  you not always want a miniature Border Collie. All that brain and energy and attention and affection, in a small package. That is me! Not a rare mix either. Youc can find many of us down south. For some reason, maybe because we grow up without eating puppy chow, we are smaller versions of the Border Colly.

Also, my movements are more linear, not that circular herding pattern that I see in my Border Collie friends all the the time. Can drive you bonkers...

I just travelled all the way from WV, my feathers are still a bit ruffled. But my bushy tail is in constant motion. I am a happy dog!  I love other dogs, I am on best footing with cats. I am lightweight, a small 20 lbs, dancing more than I am walking. 

Very housetrained, yes. Don't mnd quiet time in my crate either. 

Now I have an appointment for some sort of fix ?%*3@. But you can already think about it! Could I be YOUR DOG?!


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Franny is in fostecare in Upstate New York.