I have already grown roots in this here foster home. Still,  I really should be looking for a great home of my own so that another dog can move from a shelter to this foster home.  

I think I am under one year old, my feet are a little oversized, so I might grow an inch, but not much more. I behave and play like a pup. Right now I weigh about 20 lbs.  My breed mix?  Best guess: Schnauzer-Beagle  Personality:  Velcro, run circles around people outside.  Smart, already learned my name. Love other dogs. 99 percent crate trained, and won't mess in the house as long as I can go outside every few hours. During the night I sleep in my crate , although I much prefer a couch or possibly a dog bed. Healthy, fixed, up to snuff on vaccine, on heart worm prevention. 

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At the Humane Society in Darlington, SC I had a kind sponsor who made sure I got treatment for mange.