We adopted Fritz (you called him Fritzee, but we shortened it) in July, 2006. We want you to know that he has been an absolutely great member of the household. He tends to follow me everywhere, except when Rie is preparing food in the kitchen. He loves to be with people, and is very tolerant of children.
We walk between 2 and 3 miles every morning, and another mile after dinner, which keeps both of us in shape. Everyone in the neighborhood knows him, and one of the young girls has named her stuffed toy dog after him. He is never shy, and feisty when he wants to be.


Fritzie has met everyone in the neighbourhood and is very popular!



Fritzie is in foster care in Upstate New York 

Me a stray dog?  No way, I am attached to your legs. Affectionate. But still, someone dropped me off at a North Carolina shelter as a stray. Maybe they could not afford to take me to a vet to have my ears treated? I constantly shook my head and was very sensitive to having them touched. Thank heavens I was not put to sleep in a gas box but taken from the pound to a vet.  Now my ears were terribly infected, any dog would have climbed up a tree with those ears! . Actually they are back to normal now after treatment!  I am dog in his best years, about four years old.  Perfect leash manners, and know the difference between indoors and outdoors, if you get my drift.

I get along well with other dogs. Cats are fine with me.

I am calm, can wait for quite a few hours as long as I get two or three interesting daily walks/strolls or jogs..

What breed? Definitely standard poodle in the mix,  and probably also a Schnauzer. I weigh about 30 lbs. Also,Fritzie is my NEW name. But you can call me Fritz, or Calvin, or Cameron, or Buddy, or Abner, or anything but BLACKY!!!!

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