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I don't like heights - except when it's a lap

  Please read about our "kid clause":

Fritzie is in a foster home in Upstate New York

I have been in this here terrier foster home for almost a week!  No longer scared, but still I am cautious and hide under the desk when there is a lot of commotion. I do not like crates, but don't protest too much either when I have to spend the night there. You can tell I have never been spoiled. Or given much one-on-one attention for that matter. I soak it up!  

Where did I come from? I was one of about 30  small dogs, all looking like me, kept in crowded and not so clean conditions in South Carolina. 10 of us traveled North a week ago and are in various foster homes or adoptive homes! I hope the other 20 will also get outa there soon! 

What breed?  Although I am thought to be a Chihuahua,  I personally think I am part Rat Terrier! I have the terrier personality!   Independant streak, smart, love to be outdoors.. And look at my terriers ears and that funny curled up tail. No chihuahua would be seen with that tail!

So this place helps me gain some trust and terrier confidence, and I hope in another week or two or three, whatever it takes for you to find me, I will on my way, riding home in you lap!!


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We rarely if ever place our foster dogs into families with FULLTIME children under 6. Even the most dog experienced parents of respectful small children may become concerned when a dog  growls in the presence of a child and will prefer to remove a potential risk.  Because all of our foster dogs are "second hand" dogs,  experience has taught us not to take any chances. Why not label them with the "no children" sign on the Petfinder database?   Because even potential adopters without small children may associate the "red flag"   with a "bite history"  They  may  not even have a look at a dog who could be a good match for them.

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