Going Home

I hear that I am "a piece of work"!  Whassat? Just because I am smart, assertive, not a pushover, and love a good squabble and catch-me-if-you can run outdoors with one of the other dogs here. I do not ever run away, I hang around.  I learned my new name in a day!  And I come when called!

I LOVE the dog boys here, and when I first came to this here foster home, I right away figured out who is alpha, and then I followed him nose to tail!

The only thing with me that not everybody might like is:  I have a rather unpleasant voice.  Kind of metallic and  loud . Sound like a junkyard dog! That kind of voice could be  annoying to human ears who would rather listen to Mozart. But then I only use my voice when there is legimitate reason, such as when all the dogs are barking at feeding time or if the door bell rings etc etc. Otherwise I am very quiet and actually really well behaved, especially for a 13 lb terrier.  And no, don't have that separation anxiety at all! Love my crate actually. Neat, and very house trained, yes!

I came from a  shelter, was a stray before that.  I am 4 - 5 years old, Now I  have some more time to look around for just the right person(s) to adopt a one of a kind dog like me. 

Could be you!

PS: I have a COAT, not hair, that makes me a light shedder and not hypoallergenic like some dogs- the ones with hair, like Schnauzers, poodles and the rest...



I am the one!!