February 06 -  Snow,what snow?

Sunday in the city, boy, these trees look... well,  different !

Gilbert - vacationning in Maine
We just wanted to send you some photos of our last family trip to Maine. We absolutely adore Gilbert. (We call him Gilbi.) Everywhere we go he makes friends (human and other doggies). He is very protective and a little grouch, but we are so happy to have him.

I am the Elder Statesman around here,  I see everything, and I have a strong sense of Fairness, so when there is a terrier squabble I am right in the middle and talk everybody out of it.  Never ever have to use my teeth - they are not much of a threat anyway, because I am an Old Timer.  But I keep up with the best and with the youngest.  My legs have always been crooked, but you should see me manoevre and kick them around. I hardly ever walk, I run.   My hearing is so-so, but I never miss anything important.  My eyesight is good enough to not miss the essentials around me, who cares about colors anyway..
My true age is unknown as I ended up in a shelter, no owner came by to bail me out. 
I am quite healthy, and if you have to ask, yes, I am altered.
I would like to belong to someone again. I am a quiet, loyal and smart dog!
And yes, if you have to ask, I am housetrained, and crate trained, too.

Please send an adoption application