Best Friends! 2008




Just landed in this here Terrier Bootcamp! I love it here, all those terriers to play with, and not to forget my toys that I brought with me. I even take one of the rubber duckies with me when I go for a walk. But don't get wrong idea, I am not possessive, if another dogs wants it I say - go ahead, I have more in my crate. 

I am not even a year old,  My owner in Manhattan had to give me up because of personal reasons,  you can tell I was treated well, a happy pup, soso housetrained but NOT a territorial you -know-what..

What breed? Still guessing, but I look like a Shortie Jack Russell with a broken coat ( look it up!) -a little on the big size for a JR at 25 lbs or so. Could there be a Corgi in the Mix? Cropped tail, coat all looks like terrier. ANd I have a large OVER bite that you only see when you look close, and of course does not bother me a bit, but gives me a  bit of a Rodent look. I hear it is an endearing look. Let's say it is special. 
Personality - universal NICE.  Not interested in cats or prey outside. I still whine a bit when someone leaves the room, but I have been here only for a few days.

I am going to have some kind of FIX, whassat??!!^%^&%(( : ?? next week.   I am already giving you a heads up! For some strange reason I have been told, maybe LUNAR?, it always takes 2 weeks before we dogs get adoption applications. Except if we happen to be a Westie or a Bichon, they get 3 applicatons within 12 hours!

Please click here to send an adoption application!

Gilbert is in fostercare in NY State