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Jilly after a Groomingdales visit!



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Gill  is in foster care in Upstate New York

Do I look like a Miniature Wirehaired Border Collie?  I do have the color scheme including the white tip of my tail and the white ruffles on my neck. But my personality is more wirehaired than herding. I can be bouncy and playful, and then I can also be calm, quiet and contemplating the world around me. If I meet a more in-your-face terrier I ususally back off and go into a corner. Same with people. if I here loud voices I roll on my back. Not that I act as if I had been abused. Just not given that much attention either. Someone took me to a rural pound where I surely would have been gassed like almost all the other dogs. If it had not been for a recuer walking in just that day, and bailing me out! I am one of the lucky ones, I know it..

I am a light 15 lbs, fully grown, maybe a year or two, fixed and all, and now I have travelled North where I hope to find a good home soon! 

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The scar on the left is where I was "fixed"!