And yes, Ginger tested negative for heartworm after having been on monthly Heartguard for 16 months!

Ginger received a minute amount of oral Ivermectin paste - obtainable in Equine supply stores and online at Omaha vaccine among many others.

No, I don't have "Restless Leg Syndrome", or the "Restless Tail Syndrome".. I just love to dance! For food that is.. After all I had to raise a few litters of pups, and dogs are usually the last to eat where I came from, South Carolina. Finally my owners had enough pups from me and sent me off to the pound. 

Then I was sent North to this here foster home.
I am still shy with strangers, so scared that sometimes I still "wet my pants" when someone I don't yet know approaches fast. . It is just that I was never used to getting human attention, kept under a deck somewhere and having pups. Indoors now, I am house and crate  trained and I will ask to go outside when I need to! I walk well in leash,too. Of course I have been spayed.

I am a small Border Collie, 28 lbs. Probably one of these new "miniature" breeds.. Turns out I had heartworms at the shelter. But - no injections into muscles for me with all the risk involved when killing the worms all at once, and the pain....  For 18 months I have been  getting year round heartworm medication "Slow Kill method".  Heartguard or other forms of Ivermectin- kill  new generations of heartworms (larvae) .  The adult heartworms die of old age after 2 years. Please read about "Slow Kill" heartworm treatment   HERE   and   HERE  

Now I could be looking for a family of my own.  And maybe a dancing partner.  Fred, where are you?

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