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Both me and my sister Gretel  had been abandonned in a house in SC and taken to the pound.  We were so scared at the shelter. Then one day I walked up to a rescuer when she passed by our cage, and I talked to her. I said: Please do something! She did! Thank you Donna of South Carolina Poodle Rescue. 

I may look kinda plain, but I shine in the "Brains and Charm" department.  I will wrap you right around my little paws!  I love leash walks, here in our fosterhome we walk together on a long leash. I am the one who pulls Gretel to run faster, she takes her time sniffiing out every grass and checking each shrub, while I like to run like the wind.

I am  about 4-5 years old. Fixed and all. weigh about 15 lbs, dachshund size. Although I am still attached to Gretel, I have become more independant and could be adopted alone!


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