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I am  Gretel, the sister of Ginny. I am more reserved and cautious than Ginny, and was even more scared at the shelter in South Carolina.

I am about 4 years old.  Fixed and all, a lean 16 lbs. Healthy, athletic, but not obsessed with exercise if you know what I mean. With my short legs I burn off twice as many calories as a "regular" dog. That means of course that I can eat twice as much!! 

Although I am initially reserved and cautious  when meeting new people, I warm up quickly once I feel secure. Then I follow you around and snuggle.  

I am said to be rather smart, if I may say so myself. I walk well on leash, and would make an interesting walking partner: I think I might get a lot of attention because of my unusual looks. My coat and eyes look like they came from a Weimeraner. You could  say that I am a rare breed, a Doxeraner!

I am in a fosterhome now. When we first came here, we stuck together closely for support. But now we are pretty independant and would not mind at all to be adopted separately. 

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