When I am happy, I am exuberant and very submissive, rolling onto my back instantly when someone approaches.  But when I am scared, I am terrified, try to find refuge in a corner and roll into a ball.  So I am not a dog you come to meet, fall in love with, put on the leash and walk to the car and take home.  Because this is the only real home I ever had, it does take some time for me to be convinced that I can trust you. However, I never ever act aggressively, like growl or nip. I would rather die of fear.  I have lived in this foster home for a few months now. Me and my brother Fraidy - he is even more afraid than me - were brought here from a rural dog pound in Ohio.  Someone had dumped us there. Much too shy to be adopted from the pound, and very few dogs get adopted from there anyway, we were lucky to be photographed by the Animal Control Officer and posted on their website. And the rest is all uphill!  We both are happy little dogs here in the foster home. Still, there may be a person or two or a family who is looking to adopt a dog like me:  special, and forever thankful for the love and patience shown to this little dog who needs to learn not to be afraid of people. Look at my pictures, especially my eyes, they can tell you much: smart, funny, soaking up affection but never demanding . The only time I am "vocal" is when it is feeding time. Because I probably never had plenty of food. I eat just about  anything, including fruits and veggies! I am learning the "house breaking thing, and I keep my crate neat. I love my crate, it is my den!
As you can see I have a cropped tail, and I am supposedly a little Feist terrier, an old American, mostly Southern breed.  We are kept to corner the squirrels in the tree so the ... ehem... hunters can kill them.  But I am anything but a hunter. I love to run in big circles though, fast as a whippet! But I always come back where I started, and sometimes I am even allowed to run off leash and dip into the river here when it's really warm. 
I am about 2 to 3 years old and look like  Jack Russell Terrier in size and proportion ( weigh 18 lbs ).  But I am much calmer and nothing  like the wound-up little dynamo of a JR here who never ever gets tired .  I love other dogs, and I never play rough with them.  So being a "second" dog would be great, but does not have to be.

All I need is a safe, warm place to call home, and a person to snuggle with when they have time.

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