This ball didn't last very long. Can still watch the game on TV.


Here I am in my very own bed with my very first squeaky elephant toy that mom got me on the way home from your house.  He still squeaks!  I made mom move the bed up onto the couch because that's where I prefer to nap before going to bed with mom.

I like to keep watch for squirrels

Here I am dozing on my porch.  Sometimes I fall asleep while I watch for the chipmunk.  He lives under the deck.  

I love to nap in a little patch of sunlight in the living room.





          Watch my video - it takes a minute to load


Just got a new name, Gwen, but you could call me Lucy, or Daisy, or Filene, or Kira, or Betty Lou, you name it! 

Actually, now I am called BIRDIE! Why? Because I sing like a bird. Instead of barking to let it known that I have to get out to take care of some business, I sing.  My voice is an octave above that any of the other dogs, and I am not talking hound baying. No, sweet birdie singing!! There are times when people look around to see if a bird got lost inside the house! Maybe there is an African Singing Dog in my distant family?
I am small, only 15 lbs, and about a year, so no more growing. What breed? I have a ridge on my nose, so maybe I am a Southern Ridge Nose. Because I was born in South Carolina, and ended up in the dog pound... as a stray that is. 
I am very affectionate, actually you could call me a velcro dog, always by your side. Not afraid of anyone or anything!  Smart if I may say so myself.
I like to play with other dogs and get along with all of them, I mingle easily! And don't mind sharing food and toys with them either. 
I am getting the hang of crate training and house training. Will let you know if I need to get out!
So go ahead, I am the dog!  Please send an Adoption application!