Sparky aka Harry - a year later!
It's been a little over a year since we took Sparky (or Harry, then) home, and he's changed a lot, mostly for the better. He does sit, down, wait, stay, come! And he also knows not to go upstairs, not to run outside, and how to wait for his dinner!
    Sparky's coat has really filled out, and we have been able to get some of the mats out. His personality has also calmed down a lot: we never thought he would want to lie down in an (his, actually) armchair and rest! He (also surprisingly) loves to swim! He will chase tennis balls, in or out of the water, for HOURS if we let him!


Harry is a whirlwind of a love bug!  In constant motion if not in a crate.  Still unfocused after recent major events: stray,shelterlife and finally fostercare.
About one year old, recently neutered and with waning hormone levels he is now less challenging to other dogs. He loves all dogs.
Loves everyone. He learned to SIT on command within hours! He attaches instantly to any friendly person.
Harry was finally shaved!  He looks like a different dog, and he clearly is a POODLE. Not a trace of cockerpoo.
Harry would not be suited for apartment life because he will let it be known that he is lonely. He does need rigorous lessons in housetraining, either by constant attention or by crate. Because he is so easily distracted and hyperactive, he would do best in a calm adult home, maybe teenage children. He is an extremely affectionate, intelligent young dog who longs for attention. However he also needs a focus and training.

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