Harvey was rescued from an older  Georgia Animal Control Facility -  where dogs are still put to sleep in a metal chamber filled with CO - causing a slow death for the scared animal, eyes and mucous membranes  dry and  irritated and hurting from the gas. Harvey had a new shiny tag on his collar: I am Harvey, Please give me a home.
He was already neutered and well taken care off, maybe a little too thin. Heartworm negative. 
Harvey  is a  sweet, submissive, calm dog with a  Lab personality.  His tail wags steadily when someone  pays attention to him.  He is wonderful with other animals.  Housetrained, and does not mind at all sleeping in his crate.  He is  2 - 3  years old.

Harvey needs a home!  He would love a family of his own, he would be devoted, no trouble at all!

Please come and take him for a walk and fall in love with Harvey McLean.

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