At the shelter in South Carolina - I tried not to show how scared I was when I got thrown into the shelter together with a brother who looks just like me. My brother was adopted locally.


I traveled to PA together along with group of dogs from the shelter, and then in Scranton I met my foster mom. In the first few days here at this foster home I was cautiously happy. When approached I would make myself flat as a pancake or roll on my back. But soon I learned the drill and became one of the terrier gang. Or, as the humans here would like to believe, a trainee in the "terrier boot camp".

I think I am a mix of a Yorkshire terrier and a Dachshund, that is what the people who turned us in said anyway. Of course I have had the fix, and I tested negative for heart worm.

I was just thinking of showing up on the Internet and look for a home, when a wonderful family came here and I was hooked! They took me home to live with them and their two other dogs, both girls. Look for some new photos soon.

Henry  aka Shaggy