I am Henry.  Henry the 9th.  I come from Brooklyn.  But I  look like I might have been born in the South and come here as a pup - maybe the NALC brought me here.   Who knows.   Also who knows why I ended up a stray in Brooklyn.  Do I look like a stray? 
Could gain some weight, but I am a friendly little dog, not afraid of people.  As long as they treat me well. They think I am about 7 years old, but I think I am more like going on 5.  Have an appointment for a fix.  Then I will be in the market for a forever home!
Do I shed?  Maybe a little, but then on the other hand I don't need expensive Gloomingdale visits, I have a permanent haircut. Breed? Maybe related to a JR, or a Welsh terrier, or maybe an Airdale? Schnauzer? 
I know the difference between indoors and outdoors, if you get my drift..

So if you are looking for a small to medium sized nice dog,  (I am about 20 - 25 lbs)  - I might be the one! 

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