Humphrey is a DOLL of a dog. From day one in fostercare he was all but perfect:  polite, calm, obliging. And even after 2 weeks - the time it often  takes for a dog's real personality to shine through - he remains PERFECT. Besides his impeccable manners towards people, he is also a great companion for other dogs. He hardly notices cats, actually they often sleep on top of his crate.
Where did this perfect hound elope?
Actually, his WV owner was about to sell him for 25 Dollars to anybody willing to give her the money. A WV rescuer found out and bailed him out. 
He travelled North and is now in a fosterhome and looking for that perfect forever home in NJ/NY/CT/PA .
Humphrey is 3 - 4 years old, in good health, housetrained and likes his crate, but really does not need to be crated.
Breed? He has a wiry coat with mild shedding if not brushed regularly. He has hound ears and hound feet, but not a hound howl.  He is a multi breed dog, with Hound,Terrier,WH Griffon,Otterhound,Spinone and maybe even some Husky heritage. However this mix of various genes has not caused him any confusion about his heritage or purpose in life. 
He is the most stable and honestly good hound you will ever meet!  Man's  best friend.