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Humphrey is in foster care in Upstate New York

Had another photoshoot today! Boy did they try to make me look charming! Making funny faces, whistling, holding up a piece of cheese so I would smile.  No good. I am just not photogenic I guess. Serious looking dog with a clown pesonality. Even my best friend, Hanna, did not get me to put up a silly grin. 

I am really getting long in the tooth! Have been in this here foster home -Terrier Boot camp for months now! I don;t understand why my person has not yet found me. Maybe I am  just not good at presenting myself. Plus I have those grim looking eyebrows that give me a Rottweiler look. Maybe that 's why some people think I would make a good watchdog to be kept in a dog run in front of their house. or to go to work in a car shop with them. Yes, I am alert and have an impressive bark, but that is about it, I greet anyone with a big tail wag and lick their face if they let me jump up on them.  I know I am not supposed to. I also have learned to walk on leash like a gentleman.  No more pulling. Looking up at you ever so often to make sure we are on the same wave length. 

So here is what the boot camp sargeant says about me:

  • intelligent,calm.loyal

  • loves to walk at a measured pace, no need for excessive exercise

  • could learn to love jogging

  • potential couch potato, but still too interested in chewing things to be left uncrated unsupervised

  • friendly with other non aggressive dogs, not interested in cats, just their food


All Paws Crossed! That you see me here on cyberspace. I have been waiting for a while for a good match. I  know that I can stay here for as long as it takes until my person finds me. I am an easy going dog, Calm, used to spending quiet time in a lare crate with bones and such to keep me busy. And playing with my dog friends - but they all have gone home already..My best friend now is Hanna. First she puts me on my back, I let her be topdog,  and then we play.  I love wood, and throw sticks into the air and catch them. 
I am only a pup, under 2 years old.  But I am ready to grow up and go for long calm walks . I have an impressive bark, and I am alert when I hear unusual activity. Without being a nervous yapper. 
I am a Border Collie.  I love water, if allowed I would go swimming in the river here. But for now I am still strictly on leash. I doubt that I would ever run off though. 

Come and take me for a test walk!


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Humphrey was rescued from a North Carolina Shelter,