Update May 2009: Well, that was back in March, I have since doubled my size AND personality! I did not get the name "Ike" for nothing! And I need all the "leadership" personality I can get with all the nick names I have been collecting:  "Low Rider" , Sneaker", "Bowie" to name just a few. Who ever gave me the name Ike at the shelter must have recognized my potential: I am very much in charge of the dog pack here, in an amicable but firm manner. And my approach is individualized for each dog here: affirmative and a tad bossy with bigger ones, playfully polite with the girls, except once in a while I will drag one by the leash. 
I walk like a pro on leash,  come instantly when called, so  much "herding dog" that I am suspected of having a Corgi parent, besides a Doxie of course. AND of course a Yellow Lab - a really small one.
I had my "Puppy Vaccines" and that "fix", so now I could be looking around in cyberspace to see if I can find myself a great forever home!
March 2009: My name is Ike, I am  11 weeks old, weigh 10 lbs and I am told I have a lot of "personality"!  Since I have a Corgi parent, that is no surprise.  Shelter thought I  might be part Dachshund. Will see. 
I was sent "North" from the Cherokee Humane Society in South Carolina. 
Already "fixed, and "wormed" but need a few more "shots" and "wormers". Then I will be looking for my forever home! 

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At the shelter in South Carolina