My name is Iliana. New name. Hope to start a new life. Wanted to start a new life when I was 6 months old. Was adopted, but came back after almost a year.  Afraid of hands, go figure.  Supposedly was sometimes disobedient. And then a new baby was on the way, and I was given the boot. Oh my, I hope they are finding me  a better home next time. I am still very scared when someone raises their voice, but I would never growl or bite or any of that  - in case you might think - oh boy, baggage, abused dog, may turn bad. I am a good dog! I adore humans. And I love other dogs. I am always the underdog, but that is fine with me. 
I am a Border Collie - Lab mix.  Not too much of a herder, and not a hunter at all!  Did I tell you that I love children? They can be all over me, and I roll on my back. Still, I know they have this hang up here about dogs and kids under 6, so probably the kids in my family should be over 6. Dunno why really. 

Come and take me for a walk!  You might find that I am a complete fit!

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