Going Home!

Is what they are calling me. Why? I need to learn  to use my sharp pearlies more gently. When I get a treat I grab it as if I was drowning and grabbing a rope ! I never bite, I just touch things and people with my mouth and don;t know that my teeth are sharp and hurt!
But now I cannot be placed with any kids, other than ones that are just about to go off to college or whatever. Until I have grown up. I am only a few months old now. Most of the time I look like a black lab, but really if you study my ears, they are terrier ears. So I do have some pit in me,too. I was found abandonned at someone's house. They left me on the porch and allowed their kids to play with me for a few days before they called the Animal Control.  Of course no body has been looking for me. I am free to find a real home now. Someone who will not send me back when I am 8 months old and not so small and cute any more, but full of life and energy!
Someone who understands dogs and how to teach them acceptable behaviour. And I am a quick study!

Do you have a lllead for me?

Adoption application