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Isaac at home!

I am Isaac!
Yes, when it rains it rains right into my mouth. But otherwise I can do anything with my mouth that other dogs do with theirs: eat, chew bones,and laugh. I have quite an underbite, was probably squashed at birth. Although to someone who does not know me I might look a bit scary, believe me I am the sweetest guy on the block! And cute,too. I just have more of everything : bigger ears, longer teeth, and so on.
Anyway. I am looking for a permanent home.
I get along with other dogs fine, and cats don't interest me at all.
I am housebroken,, and I don't make a fuss when I have to sleep in my crate.
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  • weight is about 35 lbs,looks like he is fully grown
  • white teeth,age is estimated to be one to two years
  • neutered


    Now don't run, I am just yawning!

    If I was on Sesame Street, I might have have LOTS of fans, like cookie monster...

    Oh well, it is not soo bad here. I just have to wait.
    My person will eventually find me. Sometimes it takes a year!