Isaac loves to be bathed. So much that he jumps right into the tub when he hears the water running.
Click here to see how he looked when found nearly frozen to death and injured in the streest of the Bronx

Hello, it's me, little Isaac!  I wanted to tell you what a happy little boy I am in my new home.  My new mommy and daddy love me so much.  They are always telling everyone what a good little boy I am.  They give me lots of hugs and kisses.  They take me for walks to the bay, and I get to play with my squeak toys too.  I wanted to tell you how much I love you for making me better when I was sick and for putting me in a good home.  Here are a few pictures for you of me in my new home.  I love you, Little Isaac xxxooo


Isaac was found nearly frozen to death and with multiple cuts and severe bruises, probably hit by a car in NYC, back in December of 2002. Having nine lives and given a little bit of TLC he is as good as perfect again. One minor residual damage: he does not have use of his right foot. However there is no need for amputation, for short romps in the snow and grass he just carries it around. When outside for long periods, for walks or play, he is happy to have the right front leg wrapped in a pink ace bandage. THis straightens it out and he can actually use it when racing up and down stairs. Isaac actually thinks he can fly: when the deck gate was closed one snowy day he jumped through the deck slots into a snow covered needle tree. Superman, temporarily without the red cape. Also temporarily without a home. His previous folks never bothered looking for him.
Isaac is a well bred beautiful WFT - with a wonderful temperament. He is a charmer and a real gentledog with people. He loves other dogs. However he is a bit too curious for comfort around cats.
His age is estimated to be around 7. He has well maintained perlies in his mouth who obviously had been cleaned regularly.
Isaac is very housetrained and crate trained.

Isacc after his rescue from a NYC street - now thawed up at the CACC