Isaac has a new sister-Cherokee

"personal fan"

First summer in Maine!


I traveled some more, North, to Maine!!


I was  thrown away -dumped at a NC pound. May be because I am crippled and deaf. You would never know, because I get around like any other dog. My right back leg is healed now, cannot tell you what happened, but it looks like another animal took out a good chunk of muscle tissue and cracked my thigh bone. It's healed in a way that I can still use it to sit on it and as support when running up and down stairs, and it does not bother me at all. 
Being deaf is more of a handicap.  But it took them quite some time in this here terrier boot camp  before they finally got it:  I slept peacefully while there was noisy terrier squabble going on, and when I bark I have a high pitched melodious crying sound along with the bark.  Not that I am a barker, but I have to make myself understood when I need to go outside. I always look straight into people's faces as if trying  to read their lips. I am just asking to give me signs! Let me know, I will do anything to please. Forgot, I do have another imperfection: dental malocclusion which means "crooked teeth. No big deal though, seems they used spare parts  when I was put together I guess. (Another guess is that I was the throw away product of a "back yard breeder",  a "lethal white"). 

I love other dogs, follow them around, love to run outdoors, also like my crate!  Now if someone would teach me more commands in sign language I could be a perfect little dog! 

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Please click here to send an adoption application




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