I just wanted to send you a couple more pictures of Jake. He's such a wonderful dog and we're enjoying him very much. He's enjoying his new home, too. We walk with his new beagle friends, Chrissy and Buster and he has made some new friends at a local doggy park. He's a hoot ... such a goof and a big love! Everyone knows Jake by his "woof"....he's just awesome! :o)



Jacob is a big goofy pup who is growing up under our eyes! And turning into a true gentleman dog. He was abandonned as a few weeks old pup at a WV shelter where he was cared for the first 7 months of his life. Being a big black hound he did not get  much local adoption interest. Good for him! He got to travel  North and is now in fostercare. He is learning to walk a straight walk and understand his name. He was house- and crate trained from day one. He has calmed down and is now focused on people and waits for clues. He is very sweet although at times clumsy with small dogs, not a mean bone in Jacob. He even likes cats.