Happy Jagger



I came here to this foster home as "Jagger" - and I am still a dancer, player, fun loving over grown pup. But slowly another side has appeared:  I am becoming quite dignified, measured, yes, noble. So I figure the name "Prince" fits,too, being that it does not necessarily refers to royalty, but also to another Rock Star!  

Now that I am approaching adulthood,  I am easy on the leash, calm and quiet when I have to wait.  I love other dogs!  Especially some of the oldsters here.

I had all the fixes, including some "nip and tuck" surgery of my eye lids - entropion was fixed for good. I still have small eyes, with dark eyeliners so they look bigger!  Being a full blooded chow, I have a  blueberry tongue! 

Chow lovers! Come and take me home!

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