Jean Luc an route home from his vacation lodge

Jean Luc came for a visit!


Jean Luc was great on the way home -- he watched the view for awhile, then rested on the blanket, all the time paying close attention to everything we were saying. He really is very interactive and as you said, a very affable guy!!!  When we came home I gave him a bath (definitely not his most favorite activity but he allowed me to load him into the tub and I made the shampooing like a massage.  It didn't take him any time to learn how to walk up and down the stairs to our bedroom and to the lower level. A bit hesitant at first but then no problem.
Just as it was getting dark we went for a long walk (on the way home we picked up a little sweater for him so he wouldn't be cold and he let me put it on without a word!) and he was good on the leash and came to me when I called him.  Left lots of messages for the other dogs in the neighborhood that Jean Luc has come to town!
And then dinner at last. He was wondering whether we would ever get around to the most important time of the day! He sure is a chow hound! He inhaled the 2 cups I gave him so I gave him another cup. Now he's making himself completely at home and making sure to keep close track of what we are doing (he's curled up next to me as we speak). Cody's cuddle ball bed that is in our family room also seemed perfect. Jean Luc thinks we come well stocked.
We all slept well last night. Jean Luc thought Cody's heated bed was made to order for a rescue sharpei with very little hair!  Curled right up and slept through the night. Probably wonderful dreams. 
Jean Luc was a big hit at the vet and of course as amicable as ever. I will admit that he was not overjoyed with having his temperature taken (but who would be?) and squirmed a bit when they cut his long toenails and cleaned his ears. Seems very healthy outside of the skin problems. And weighs a solid 55+ lbs (doesn't feel that heavy or look it)!  We had them do a full blood test to check on other potential causes for the skin problem, including any thyroid issues.
We are both so happy and know he's going to adjust very well. We love him already and he fits right into our family!!!!! THANK YOU FOR SAVING HIM!

My Humans have found me!!I am going Home!

Greetings to my fans on the East and West Coast. I finally found the one place in this forsaken Terrior Bootcamp that I like - the refrigerator door. I decided to take on the job of guarding it.
I still look like a dinosaur, but my coat is finally growing back, as black coarse bristles, like a boar. With burgundy accents.
I just wish someone would get me out of this place and adopt me!
Jean Luc

Hi, I moved. To the top of the list that is. Have been here at the Terrior Bootcamp of all places for a few weeks now. Guess there is no Big Foot Bootcamp. I fit in very well, though. I am an amicable fellow, easy going, play bowing all the time. Good team player.
Now honestly, what comes to mind when you look at my photos? Uggly? Funny? How 'bout Majestic! Aristocratic! I might look like I desperately need glasses. But you should see me catching little twigs on the run!  Guess that calm personality of mine is why I am still around. Because the way I was skin and all at the CACC I could not be adopted. And I looked like a Sharpei Mix. So no Sharpei Rescue for me. So I left the CACC as a mixed breed. Some of my best friends are mixed breeds. Spare parts put together with the best results. Sometimes better than the originals.
Anyway, not to be too long winded: I had mange, demodectic, which is caused by little insects-mites- who normally live in the hair follicles. But when a dog is malnourished and run down like I was - was a Bronx Stray - the mites destroy the skin and all hair falls out and the scratching causes open sores. I was a mess.
With lots of food and some medicine the hair is  growing back,  but the color looks brindle. Like they say: If it is not brindle it is a swindle. I am a brindle Sharpei. I got fixed the other day, so there will be no more brindle big foots like me. I am mostly off medicine now, since it is all caused by malnutrition, and I am a glutton for nutrition!
I am about 11  months old now. Hope I don't grow much more, although I have these big feet.
Not that I care, but I look like a purebred Sharpei, check your dog book, they come in more than one variety, and I am the dark chocolate flavor. Turned brindle.
Send me an email if you want to meet me in person:
attention Jean Luc