8/4/2000 - today I was adopted and I am going home to live with Shami (Shamrock) who also came from the terrior bootcamp (did not  do  him any good either)
Hi, Jehudi is my new name! Oreo was my old name. My owners dumped me at the NYC CACC. Look at my shelter photo: 

I was SCARED. The CACC thought I am an Irish Wolfhound Mix. Maybe I am even a Scottish Deerhound Mix! Anything is possible in Manhattan. Especially with the Northshore 
Animal League bringing truckloads of mixed breed pups from the South and adopting  them out on their adoption days all over the Tristate Area. I even have a NALC microchip.  But they would not have me back.
Anyway,whatever my ancestry is, I am TALL. I look sort of like a gigantic Cockerpoo.  Weighed only 45 lbs but I have since gained a little, slowly. I am fixed already I get along with other dogs and also cats, but I really prefer the company of people. And I am a quiet,dignified dog. Walk well on the leash, and do not have much interest in roaming. Playful, smart, so why did they dump me? Landlord -  they said.

Could I become  your dog?
Then please send me an email - mail@RescueAdopt.com
or call 845 733-5882
I did  some bargaining, because I cannot pronounce that new name,Jehudi, so now I am called Oreo.  THat is my old name, and I kinda listen to it.