f I did not tell you that I am SMALL, you could think I am a German Shepherd , sort of, maybe mixed with Lab.  But actually I weigh all of 20 lbs.  And although I am officially a "Mix" - rumor has it that I am a  Basenji   mix.  My tail sure is Basenji. My voice is -well, different.  Kind of metallic, but not like a cat as I hear the Basenji does it.  Anyway, who cares about  pedigree. 

What counts is that I am  a dog with many facets: I can be fit for a couch, affable and VERY affectionate. I relentlessly extend my paws like a little soldier.  That is when i am indoors or in the company of people. 

On the other paw, outdoors , taking in all those scents, my inner "African Hunting Dog" takes over.  Nose on the ground I am not distracted by anything short of a biscuit. I jump! Like "agiliy"! 

Where did I elope from? I ended up as a stray in a shelter in South Carolina , got a ride in many cars across many states. Now I am in a foster home. When I first met the other dogs here i was kind of defensive, not sure about my rank. But within a day or so I fell in line and get along fine with all of them! real team player.  Always ready for a trip outdoors! Crate trained, housetrained as long as I get outdoors in time.

Of course fixed, ABout 3 years old. No heart - or other worms. So I could move on, but no rush, i am no trouble here I have been told, you hardly know I am here!

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