HW negative 12-2011

Do I look like a Dapple Blue , Variegated type of Corgi?  Or maybe  a miniature cattle dog, short legged Blue Heeler?  I might be a little of both, coming from South Carolina where people have been  breeding  miniature mixes of almost any larger dog. I ended up in a South Carolina shelter, terrified, had just had a litter of pups that were taken away from me before I was dumped. 

Once here in this foster home in NY, it took a while for me to get used to all the attention I received.  Now I spend much time  romping and playing with dog friends here,  or on a couch or in my crate - door open. I love food, always ready for another meal, so my "diet is being watched". 

Because I tested positive for  heartworms when I came here , I have been getting oral Ivermectin (like Heartguard) every month and all year round ("slow kill heartworm treatment"). This has saved me the pain and risk of Immiticide injections into the muscle to kill all the heartworms at once.  Adult heartworms live for 2 years  Heartguard makes sure there are no baby heartworms, and  all the heartworms have died of old age. I am going to stay on the year round monthly Heartguard for another year though, just in case. One of these days I will have another heartworm test. I am spayed of course, and my age?  4 to 5 years old - a little over 30 years old when translated into human years - Weight 25 lbs.

For the first year I was very leery of strangers and very attached to this place. Still am, but I am not so afraid of strangers any more!  It is all chemistry as I have been told, and spending a little time with me in the grass may be all that is needed for me to relax and warm up. I don't really understand why I cannot stay here.....But I hear , there is a dog for every person, and maybe there is another person out there for whom I am the dog.  Maybe this is the year you will find me!

Please read about "Slow Kill" heartworm treatment   HERE   and   HERE  

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