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Going Home!

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 Jonah is in foster care in Upstate New York

Now what a cute big head! I hear you! But I am much more than a pretty head! There is quite a brain in there, and a funny mind full of tricks and laughs. Fast,too. NO idea why I ended up in a shelter, in an awfully messy coat - scroll down to see my shelter photo. Shelter even gave me a bath before I left, and from there on it got better every day. Lately I have been playing a lot! It's just so cold here in the North, without my full length coat. NC winters are nothing like this! 

Anyway, or anyways as they say in NYC, I am now looking for my for-ever home. I am rather well behaved, but I really love to play and exercise my fast legs! I love other dogs, amused by cats but would not hurt one except if she starts a fight. This old bird of a brown cat here always watches me from outside my crate. Maybe we met before..

I would love to live somewhere out in the burbs close to a dog park or the country, or anywhere with a  nice back yard. Would not mind at all travelling further real up North!


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I am NOT mad, just very cold at the moment because I was forced to sit still.

Just another view of me





This was in a wonderful Raleigh NC fosterhome!

At the vets before I go a haircut and another kind of cut...



That was me at the shelter - someone saw this and asked wether I had been decapitated - ouch...