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I went home with Buddy aka Bart! After almost a year he seemed to remember me: we came from the same shelter in South Carolina!

 We are an item!!

I said my good byes and now let's go to the car already!


I am back at the terrier bootcamp. Because I misbehaved, Twice I bit a child.  The first time a girl took away the ball I was playing with and I nipped her hand. Not such a big deal. But the 2nd time I bit the 6 year old boy when he bent down and tried to take away my toy. I love my toys. No broken skin. But that was it! I had to go, although they all really loved me. But no go with kids, when I am playing with my toys.

Here, I often play with my rubber ball, the one that barks when you kick it around, and  I have yet to growl or show any sign of protection of toys or food.  And I am right in the middle of all the other dogs here, don't need to be in a crate, eat among them, sleep among them, kick my tennis ball around.  No problem!  Guess it's just in your face kids that I am not up to.

Otherwise I was darn good dog, learned a few tricks, very neat in the house and even in the yard. Alert and barking for strangers but never aggressive around them.  I had only been there for 6 months. I was very attached to the mom, and respectful toward the dad. They called be Chopper - no kidding! They did of course not know when they named me. Now I am called Chaplin. I can be a clown.  Before I was adopted my name was McDuff.

Not much is known about my life in South Carolina. I ended up in a pound that gets about 50 dogs every week, only a few get out alive, most die in a gas chamber. You can see some "old" pictures of me when you scroll down.  I looked like a different dog then, infested with fleas and parasites. Maybe I was a stray. I cannot be trusted of leash, I am too curious. 

What breed? Best guess is a combination of Wheaten Terrier and Chow.

How old? Young, maybe a few months over two years  judging from my teeth. I am healthy, fixed, on heartworm prevention and all that of course. I even got my teeth brushed and ate Hunde Flocken at my adoptive home.

Anyways. I like it here, but I have to move on, find a family of my own. Could I be your dog?

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No, this is not a duplicate of the photo above. Detail! But I admit I am a ham for photos shoots!


Sparky,the  blue eyed Catahoula, recognized me immediately and was all over me! We were together at the South Carolina pound and then in a boarding kennel..

The shaggy guy, in case you are wondering, is not looking for a home. He is the old resident terrier here and keeps us little guys in check, He herds us!

The photo above were taken in my adoptive home.

At the Paws and Claws shelter in South Carolina