Going Home!


I am Josefine.  All 5 lbs of me.  Someone found me in the Bronx.  Took me to the shelter.  Vet thought I am about 8 years old.  In chihuahua years that means 4 years because the smaller we are the longer we live.   And everyone who sees me thinks I am cute.   I have only very few teeth, and when I think my tongue sticks out a little. Makes me look even cuter.  I have been  in a fosterhome now for a few days, and it turns out I get along great with other dogs.  I am quite active, I explore, looking for good food, my favorite though is little chunks of chicken.That is not to be found anywhere, so I sit at he kitchen counter and wait. I have a big appetite, am a little skinny so I am getting "built up". I am looking for someone who will love and spoil me.

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