I made it. By a hair! Can you believe I almost died in a gas box... But that is not why I have that salt and pepper grey hair. I am actually a happy, lighthearted schmoozer of a dog.  Don't ask for much, love all dogs, love sleeping in a crate with a soft blanket in it, love hopping on a couch and looking out of the window, love the food here, love to go for walks and love going back into the house. Even like the old cat. 

Somehow I found myself in a crowded Southern shelter, and was discovered by a rescuer in the nick of time. Got all that vet stuff done in a hurry  (no heart worm!) so I could catch a transport North. Changing lap every few hours.  

I don't know why I have those pink areas on my legs and belly where the hair fell out. Could be because of sleeping on wet cement floor. They think they will give it some time sleeping on soft blankets and eating a balanced diet!. It does not bother me the least. There is also the possiblity that it might be a sign of a sluggish thyroid, although I am really kinda young for that, but I hear it is very common in dogs. And very easy to treat. 

My new name is Josephine-Toto, yes I have a hyphenated name!  Both names fit me well, I am a ham for the camera, and I do look like a Josephine. But of course you can give me any name, especially if your grandmothers name is Josephine...

I think I was meant to be a Cairn, they cropped my tail a bit, but could also be that I was meant to be a Schnauzer. or both?  I weigh 16.2 lbs, and vet wrote my age is 24 months. 

I could be your dog!

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We rarely if ever place our foster dogs into families with FULLTIME children under 6.  Even the most dog experienced parents of respectful small children may become concerned when a dog  growls in the presence of a child and will prefer to remove a potential risk. Because all of our foster dogs are "second hand" dogs,  experience has taught us not to take any chances.  Why not label them with the "no children" sign on the Petfinder database?  Because even potential adopters without small children may associate the "red flag"   with a "bite history"  They may not even have a look at a dog who could be a good match for them.

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